EVOO Marketplace Aged Italian Balsamics, Flavor Infused Olive OilsOur gourmet flavor infused olive oils are made through a proprietary process of blending all-natural organic flavors with one of our mild-medium intensity ultra-premium extra-virgin olive oils. Unlike many typical store bought brands which use artificially flavored, canola oil laced olive oil, our flavor-infused olive oils use ONLY pure 100% natural organic flavors.  Also notice we no longer use the term EVOO when referring to these olive oils because technically speaking once our ultra-premium EVOO is infused it can no longer be termed an EVOO by definition.  Rest assured the base olive oils for these infusions are 100% pure, fresh, chemistry profiled, ultra-premium EVOO’s, the World’s BEST!!!  We are confident you will agree as the flavor-infusions are spot-on!!  With infinite possibilities our flavor-infused olive oils are perfect when combined with any of our pure authentic barrel aged Italian balsamics, flavor-infused barrel aged Italian balsamics or specialty vinegars. Create your own salad dressings, marinades, desserts or use in baking applications. The cooking applications are endless.

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