Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive OilsEVOO Marketplace takes great pride in offering Colorado’s freshest, purest, and healthiest Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO’s).  To ensure freshness our Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils are sourced from around the World by following the planets’ Northern and Southern Hemisphere olive harvest cycles.  NOT all Extra-Virgin Olive Oils are created EQUAL!  What makes our U.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oils truly unique and of the highest quality is the rigorous lab testing each are put through prior to us making a purchasing decision.  Lab testing at the time of harvest allows us to determine the integrity, quality, freshness, purity, along with health benefits of each U.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  We can not stress enough that without lab testing you the consumer have no idea what you are purchasing, no matter what store or what country is stamped on the bottle!  Never ever purchase an “extra-virgin olive oil” based solely on country of origin or without a harvest date.  Also, don’t assume just because it is sold in a high-priced “whole” or “healthy” store that the EVOO is fresh, pure, or of the highest quality.  All of our U.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oils exceed IOOC standards and have won numerous domestic and international awards.  Shop with confidence at EVOO Marketplace.  More information on lab testing can be found here: Understanding Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lab Testing