Specialty Vinegars

Our Specialty Vinegars are made from the finest ingredients and are a perfect companion to any of our ultra-premium extra-virgin olive oils and flavor infused olive oils. If you are looking for a little more kick in the tartness category then these authentic products are a perfect choice for any inspired vinaigrette or marinade.

Special note when using specialty vinegars: We bottle all products in-store and use corks to seal off the bottles. By nature, balsamics contain small amounts of sugar from the grapes and therefore may become sticky. Cork maintenance is especially important to prevent sticking or breaking. Please follow a few simple tips when reseating the cork after use: 1. Rinse cork off with warm water and wipe dry between uses, 2. Do not push cork all the way back into bottle, 3. Wiggle cork back and forth to remove from bottle, 4. Use a cork alternative such as a pouring spout. Don’t panic, if the cork becomes stuck just use a corkscrew to remove just as you would with a wine cork.

Most importantly enjoy the finest vinegars one can purchase!

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