Flavor Fused Olive Oils

Flavor Fused Olive OilsOur gourmet flavor fused olive oils are made through a unique process where Tunisian olives (Chetoui or Chemlali) are crushed simultaneously (“co-milled”) with the rind/pulp of the whole fruit (Blood Orange, Eureka Lemons), herb (Rosemary), or chili pepper (Baklouti Green Chili).  This process results in a spot-on flavor-fusion that will enhance any dish you create.  Our fused olive oils are perfect when paired with any of our authentic barrel aged Italian balsamic vinegars.  Make an amazing salad dressing, marinade, baked good, or use in a finishing application.  Our Blood Orange and Eureka Lemon fused olive oils are extremely versatile and pair with essentially all of our pure and flavor infused barrel-aged Italian balsamic vinegars.