Designed by our expert mixologists, our olive oil and balsamic vinegar sampler sets take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect olive oil and balsamic vinegar pairings.  Each olive oil and balsamic vinegar six pack consists of three 2.0oz bottles of olive oil, three 2.0oz bottles of balsamic vinegar.

EVOO "C"-Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Sampler Set

Our EVOO “C” olive oil and balsamic vinegar sampler set consists of one 2.0oz bottle of Peach White Balsamic, one 2.0oz bottle of Garlic Olive Oil, one 2.0oz bottle Basil Olive Oil, one 2.0oz bottle Honey Ginger White Balsamic, one 2.0oz bottle Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic, and one 2.0oz bottle of Lemon Olive Oil.


Beef, Pork, Poultry, Fish, Seafood


All greens, roasted, grilled vegetables


Drizzle over cheese, ice-cream, yogurt, fruits, oatmeal, drinks..


Combine two parts olive oil with one part balsamic vinegar.  Whisk together and serve.  To emulsify dab in a small amount of Dijon mustard or light mayo and continue whisking.  Olive oil and balsamic vinegar will become creamy in appearance.  Refrigerate remaining amount for up to three days.


Combine equal parts balsamic vinegar and olive oil. We recommend preparing just enough to cover the protein. Place in zip-lock bag and squeeze out air. Place in refrigerator for at least six hours.

NOTE: For Fish and Seafood (proteins from the water) we recommend rubbing the olive oil into the raw protein in the absence of the balsamic vinegar for approximately 30 minutes. We DO NOT recommend using balsamic during this step as the acidity from the balsamic will break down the delicate protein.  Instead, drizzle oil and vinegar over the finished product.


Our true aged Italian balsamics are naturally reduced through the aging process and without the addition of thickening agents such as high fructose corn syrup or molasses.  If you desire a thicker balsamic to use as a glaze or reduction then simply heat two times the amount needed in a small saucepan over medium to medium-high heat with constant stirring.  As the balsamic starts to reduce it will pull to the sides of the pan.  Remove reduction from heat just prior to desired thickness, as the balsamic will continue to reduce until cooled.  Alternatively, reduce to desired thickness and place reduction in bowl over an ice bath.  As a rule of thumb 1/4 cup will reduce to approximately 50% within 3-5 minutes.  Reductions or “glazes” can be used as BBQ sauces, finishing glazes, or drizzled over fresh fruits, desserts, ice-cream……..


Don’t be afraid to apply medium to medium-high heat!  Our olive oils are of such high quality with low free fatty acids, and high biophenols that they are perfect for any saute and can tolerate heat up to ~425F.



Serving size 1Tbs, Calories per serving = 10, Fat Calories = 0, Total Fat = 0g, Sodium = 0mg, Total Carbs = 3g, Sugars = 3g, Protein = 0g.  Acidity 6.0%.  Weight Watchers Points = 0 for 1st tablespoon.

Ingredients: Cooked grape must, Mother (required to commence acetic acid fermentation), naturally occurring sulfites from grapes, all-natural organic flavoring.  ALL SUGARS ARE NATURAL FROM THE GRAPES.  NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, CARAMEL COLORING, SWEETENING OR THICKENING AGENTS!  GLUTEN FREE!


All of our Extra-Virgin Olive Oils meet the Ultra Premium Standard and are fully lab tested to ensure FRESHNESS, PURITY, and the HIGHEST QUALITY.  Lab testing also provides valuable information in regards to the HEALTH BENEFITS which the Mediterranean diet boasts!  Our EVOO’s are PURE, meaning they are not cut/diluted with other oils such as the vast majority of commercially available so-called “EVOO’s”.  All EVOO’s are GLUTEN FREE!  These EVOO’s are unmatched and handpicked based on their chemistry profiles.  The World’s finest!

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