Flavor Infused Barrel Aged Italian Balsamic Vinegars

Flavor Infused Barrel Aged Balsamic VinegarsOur gourmet flavor infused barrel aged Italian balsamic vinegars are made through a proprietary process of blending all natural, organic flavors with authentic barrel aged Italian balsamic vinegar aged to the Italian standard of at least 12 years.  The flavor-infusion process results in a spot-on flavor profile which will enhance any dish. Equally as important all of our flavor-infused barrel aged Italian balsamic vinegars are devoid of artificial flavors and thickening agents such as molasses or corn syrup. Our infused balsamic vinegars are extremely low on the glycemic index. Sugar content comes directly from the grapes and fruit infusion and with exception to our Vermont Maple and Serrano Honey are 3g/tbs. Our infused balsamic vinegars are perfect when combined with any of our flavor-fused or flavor-infused olive oils in addition to Ultra-Premium Extra-Virgin Olive Oils. With infinite possibilities one can create their own salad dressings, marinades, glazes, desserts, or mixed drinks. The applications are endless!