Barrel Aged Italian Balsamic Vinegars

12 YEAR DARK BARREL AGED ITALIAN BALSAMIC, 12 YEAR WHITE BARREL AGED ITALIAN BALSAMIC, TRADITIONAL 18 YEAR BARREL AGED ITALIAN BALSAMIC, Denissimo Balsamico, Organic 12 Year Dark Barrel Aged Italian Balsamic, SabaOur barrel aged Italian balsamic vinegars are made in Modena, Italy following traditional methods.  The Italians take tremendous pride in their balsamic vinegar production and have established laws defining what constitutes an authentic balsamic vinegar. It is estimated that approximately 90% of all “balsamic vinegar” produced in Italy and sold here in the United States could not be sold as balsamic vinegar in Italy.  Rest assured, EVOO Marketplace offers only authentic balsamic vinegars barrel aged to the Italian standard of at least 12 years without the addition of sweetening and/or thickening agents.  In addition to our condimento line of balsamic vinegars, we also offer a selection of commissioned Italian balsamic vinegars ranging in age from 12 to 25 + years (extra vecchio).  More information on authentic balsamic vinegars can be found here:Balsamic Vinegar Buyers Guide-An Informed Consumer.