Ultra Premium EVOOThe best way to keep extra-virgin olive oil FRESH is to follow the Planet’s Northern and Southern hemisphere olive crush cycles.  EVOO Marketplace’s handpicked extra-virgin olive oils are the finest in the World and exceed all extra-virgin olive oil requirements.    We are currently in our Northern Hemisphere olive crush and feature many beautiful EVOO’s from California, Spain and Portugal.  We expect to have a handful of Italian EVOO’s available in the upcoming weeks.

TIP:  Please keep in mind that the olive crop from year to year may vary in flavor profile and intensity.  A mild Picual from Spain this year may be Robust next year from the same estate.  If you discover one of our EVOO’s that you really enjoy we highly recommend that you consider picking up a couple of bottles as once we are out we are out.

To learn more about why our EVOO’s are the freshest and finest please visit our EVOO chemistry profile & FAQ pages.

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